Glass Chevron- Blue Red White
Glass Crow Bead- 6mm Dark Gold
Glass Crow Bead- 6mm Green
Glass Crow Bead- 6mm Metallic Silver
Glass Crow Bead- 6mm Multi
Glass Crow Bead- 6mm OP White
Glass Crow Bead- 6mm Op Blue AB
Glass Crow Bead- 6mm Op Orange
Glass Crow Bead- 6mm Op Red
Glass Crow Bead- 6mm Op Yellow
Glass Crow Bead- 6mm Tr. Crystal
Glass Crow Bead- 6mm Turq
Lg Glass Crow Bead- OP Dk. Blue AB
Lg Glass Crow Bead- OP Mauve
Lg Glass Crow Bead- OP Pink
Lg Glass Crow Bead- Op Lt. Blue AB
Lg Glass Crow Bead- Op Orange
Lg Glass Crow Bead- Op Royal Blue
Lg Glass Crow Beads- Lemon Yellow
Black Matte
Opaque Black
Opaque Dark Blue
Opaque Dark Brown
Opaque Golden Yellow
Opaque Grey
Opaque Light Blue
Opaque Light Brown
Opaque Light Green
Opaque Light Med Green
Opaque Light Orange
Opaque Light Red
Opaque Mauve
Opaque Medium Dark Blue
Opaque Medium Dark Green
Opaque Medium Dark Red
Opaque Medium Red
Opaque Orange
Opaque Pale Blue
Opaque Pink
Opaque Royal Blue
Opaque Turquoise Blue
Opaque Turquoise Matt
Opaque Violet
Opaque White
Opaque Wine
Translucent Amethyst
Translucent Crystal
Translucent Dark Topaz
Translucent Light Amethyst Matt
Translucent Luster Blue
Translucent Med Aqua
Translucent Montana Shiny
Translucent Orange
Translucent Teal
Translucent Topaz
Precious Green beads
Precious Turq Beads
Precious Cherry Beads
Rondelle- OP White
Rondelle- Tr. Crystal
Rondelle- Tr. Dk. Blue
Rondelle- Tr. Lt. Blue
Rondelle- Tr. Raspberry
Rondelle- Tr. X-Mas Green
Rondelles- OP Black
Rondelles- Tr. Lt. Amethyst
Rondelles- Tr. Pink
Rondelles- Tr. Yellow
Rondellles- Tr. Ruby
Round 6mm- Op Black
Round 6mm- Op Blue
Round 6mm- Op Hot Pink
Round 6mm- Op White
Round 6mm- Tr. Dk Blue
Pony & Crow

Pony & Crow

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Pony beads and crow beads are popular for Native American crafts, general crafts, bead projects for kids and other projects.  Pony beads are excellent for arts and crafts projects that require beads with a larger hole.  Pony beads are larger in size than seed beads, but smaller than crow beads.  The history of their name comes from the pony and mule trains that brought these beads to Western North America.