8mm - Translucent Green AB
8mm - Translucent Dark Topaz
8mm - Translucent Dark Aqua
8mm - Siam Ruby
8mm - Sapphire Royal blue
8mm - Light Amethyst
8mm - Jet Black
8mm - Gunmetal
8mm - Dark Aqua AB
8mm - Crystal Valentinite
8mm - Crystal Matte
8mm - Copper Metallic
8mm - Chrome
8mm - Amber Two Tone
6mm - Yellow Green
6mm - Two Tone Orange
6mm - Translucent Olive
6mm - Topaz Two Tone
6mm - Pink and Grey
6mm - Opaque Black
6mm - Light Capri Blue
6mm - Jet Black
6mm - Hot Mauve
6mm - Dark Amethyst
6mm - Crystal Topaz
6mm - Crystal Celsian
6mm - Crystal Azuro
6mm - Copper Metallic
6mm - Copper Lust
6mm - Blue on Crystal
Fire Polish

Fire Polish

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The beautiful faceting and age-old polishing process give these glass beads remarkable shine and sparkle, reminiscent of vintage beads in antique jewelry.  Czech fire polished beads come in classic shapes like cathedral, fluted, teardrop and oval as well as stunning finishes. These glass beads are made by hand to bring artisan style to every project.  With their classic round shape and shining facets, you can use these versatile beads anywhere.  Add them to necklaces, bracelets, and earrings for a colorful display