Chalk White
Dye Satin Blue
Dyed Satin Taz
Lemon Yellow
Light Pink SoleGel
Light Purple AB
Loose Opaque Green
Loose Opaque Orange
Loose Opaque Red
Loose Satin
Luster Amethyst
Luster Blue
Luster Dark Green
Luster Garnet
Luster Light Amethyst
Metallic Gold
Navy Blue AB
Opaque Black Matte
Opaque Black
Opaque Dark Blue
Opaque Green
Opaque Light Blue
Opaque Light Orange
Opaque Orange
Opaque Pale Green
Opaque Red
Opaque Royal Blue
Opaque Turquoise
Orange AB
Red AB
Satin Light Fuchsia Solgel
Satin Light Orange Solgel
Silver Lined Blue
Silver Lined Crystal
Silver Lined Dark Purple
Silver Lined Fuchsia Dyed
Silver Lined Gold
Silver Lined Grey
Silver Lined Light Aqua
Silver Lined Light Pink
Silver Lined Light Red
Silver Lined Lime Green
Silver Lined Mauve/Blue Dyed
Silver Lined Orange
Silver Lined Pink Dyed
Silver Lined Purple Iris
Silver Lined Royal Blue
Translucent Topaz AB
Translucent Crystal AB
Translucent Dark Purple AB
Translucent Green AB
Translucent Light Pink Rainbow
Translucent Red AB
Translucent Topaz AB
Yellow AB
2 Cut Beads- Size 10

2 Cut Beads- Size 10

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Czech seed beads in the shape of a short cut cylinder are called PRECIOSA two-cut beads.  Two-cut or charlotte beads are the fine beads that have tiny details that cause them to sparkle, thereby giving the cut bead work an ultimate beauty.  The charlotte cut beads are shaved and cut to give them an appealing structure.  Two Cut Seed Beads are made up of various colors and are also glazed with luster and coatings.

Our two-cut beads are sold by the hank and weight approximately 40 g per hank